Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chair Game Object IDs

As a short mention, I figured it'd be useful to make a visual listing of the various chair models available.  Not only would it be useful for CotH GMs (though the entry IDs in the 900000 series are custom), I figured others would be able to benefit as well.

Feel free to take a look at the work in progress at!  I also intend to make a visual listing of tables as well, so stay tuned!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

IC Auctions

So, after seeing some of the feedback from a recent IC auction, I figured it may be ideal to make a post about it.

My intention here is to gather what folks think are good items to put up for IC auctioning.  So far, I've provided a lot of epics and some other nifty things for the previous (Ratchet) auction, and then added on some more epics to this one (Dalaran).  However, for this one I also added a few more junk/amusing items; the expectation was that folks would be bid whatever they wanted if the items were known ahead of time, or to actually be a bit more stringent if it was random.  By stringent, I was expecting maybe a dozen silver or so at the most.

People surpassed my expectations, however!

Note that I presume Cressy mostly randomized what wrapped items were given, so regardless of whether you got an epic item or junk, it was kinda chance in this case.  For the previous auction, there were several items that were auctioned as-is, though.

Anyway, as I stated before, I want to hear what folks believe should be offered up for auction.  In addition, I know Cressy intends on running various quests to help dispense the IC currency gained back into the character-base.  If the IC auctioneer thing works out well, I may make a post in Personals for another auctioneer or two to induct into Grogporter Trade, but I'll worry about that later on.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Server restart: Free class/riding training?

So with the impending server restart, there are several things to consider.  One thing that I just thought of tonight was to completely remove the cost of training class skills and riding training.  Should I do this, I would also change the monetary reward for a newly-leveled 80 character from 3,000 gold to something like... probably 1,000 at most.  I feel that would be a fair trade, considering the main goal of the starting money was to pay for training costs.


(Discussion thread on CotH)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

To-do: Useful stuff

For a while I've been meaning to make some useful posts on here - particularly involving things such as some suggested guidelines for certain types of community leaders, polling for opinions from visitors about whether they believe certain types of projects should be headed by a single person or a 'group' or 'council' of sorts, etc.  Eventually I will do this!  Just not now at almost 4am.  :(

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Faction Pride Blindness

Let me preface this by saying that I am most definitely a Horde fanboy - more specifically, a Thrall fan.

Now that that's done... I had read Daniel Whitcomb's blog post Varian Wrynn is Right a while back.  While I do not agree with how a few topics are presented in a skewed light (although also agreeing with other topics), the subject of this post is not a 'response' or 'review' of the post itself.  I may possibly focus on that later.  The focus here is more on the responses from many readers.

From my perspective, there is rampant and obvious Alliance fanboyism with no attempt at looking into lore, or at least reading only what they wish to in order to put the golden boy Varian into a positive light.  Either that, or they do whatever possible to negate any argument (whether thoughtful and lore-supported or not) presented by those that may try to rationalize or clarify the Horde's actions.  Anything that has to do with presenting a positive light about the Horde seems to be immediately attacked by a down-rating of the comment, with occasional responses that may or may not be presented in a logical manner or not actually debating with what was presented.  I suppose this can be understood, though.  After all, the post is based on why Varian Wrynn's hatred is justified, and presenting several examples to support the case.

To complement the above, I won't try to deny the opposite case - when a lengthy post may be made to put the Horde (or certain characters) in a positive light, with examples to support it, I imagine many comments will be posted to complement it.  Of course, probably not as many, since I presume there's more Alliance fans than Horde fans (when speaking of those that appreciate the lore, and not those who only play the Horde cuz tehy r kool).

I know that some of this arguing may seem to be rather ridiculous by a large portion of the population... that is, arguing over the righteousness of either faction in a game world.  However, I admit I can enjoy it, when 'facts' or events are presented rationally and the author makes a strong attempt at being unbiased.  Personally, I'm not usually one for arguing, but it's usually a pretty clear indication that any opposing debaters won't be swayed from their position when all they do is focus on the negative of the opposing faction, whether true or intensely skewed, and fail to present an argument when an opposing viewpoint is given in a rational, logical manner.  Either that, or all previous RPGs have pretty much planted the humans/elves/dwarves=GOOD & orcs/trolls/etc.=BAD (I certainly won't deny Forsaken/BElves being bad, rest assured).  I suppose we'll be having some fun seeing attempted rationalizations when both factions have some pretty bad events happening in Cataclysm, and people try to continue to see their faction as only good or the like.  Heh heh.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New NPC Movement

I thought I'd make a quick note on something I've noticed since the patch (4.0.1).

NPC movement is much more smoother, now!  Specifically referring to patrolling or walking NPCs.  When they turn, they no longer erratically and instantaneously face the new direction.  They actually turn to begin going in the new direction!  As if it was a PC doing the walking and turning with the keyboard!

Sure, this may be a minor thing to most, but I think it's a very nice touch.  Well done, WoWdevs!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rant of the Day: Bloodlust

Yes, it is 'Bloodlust.'  Not simply 'Heroism.'  Furthermore, when referring to the spell with both names, it is only appropriate to use 'Bloodlust/Heroism' - not the other way around.  Bloodlust came first, darn it!  I don't care if you're an Alliance fanboy/fangirl!

That is my rant for the day.