Orc Language (Primer)

This is a 'dictionary' of orcish words that I have ascertained the meaning of. I've kept a list with me for almost since WoW went live, but over time, these words have come second-nature to me *grin* Playing only orcs and using such words constantly will do that to you ;)
Anyhow, here is what I have determined meanings of (via gathering from in-game usage (both in WoW and Warcraft III), one or two words/phrases from a book, as well as various sites that I checked long ago):

Edit: I finally acquired the Horde Player's Guide for WoW: The RPing Game, and I've discovered a small orcish primer within. It has several phrases within, and will be a bit of an update, per se, of the meanings! I have my own original interpretations below these.

Orcish is a courser language than Common, and many words lack the subtlety of Common. Orcs rely on context, repetition and volume to add emphasis or meaning.

"Aka'magosh" - "A blessing on you and yours."
"Dabu" - "I obey."
"Gol'kosh!" - "By my axe!"
"Lok-Narash!" - "Arm yourselves!"
"Lok-Tar!" - "Victory!" (A war cry. Also a greeting while in combat.)
"Lok-Tar Ogar!" = "Victory or death!" (A war cry.)
"Swobu." - "As you command."
"Throm-Ka." - "Well met." (A greeting.)
"Zug-zug" - Acknowledgement and agreement; roughly the equivalent of "okay."

My original interpretations

Throm'ka - Warm greeting
Mok'ra - More of a casual or informal greeting
Lok'Tar - A farewell. Can also be used as a greeting, more suitable to a warrior (not necessarily the 'class,' either). Also an orcish warcry. Basic translation is "Strength" or "Be strong"
Lok'Tar Ogar - Essentially a more emphasized version of "Lok'Tar." Basic translation is "Strength and Honor" (from what I've gathered). (On a level of personal opinion, this should only be used rarely, perhaps during a very close/important battle, or perhaps to imbue true feeling into a parting with a close friend that you may not see again for awhile (as examples))
Dabu - A word of acknowledgement. "Yes"
Swo'bu - Another word of acknowledgement, but used when talking with a superior or perhaps someone you respect.
Glor'du - Yet another acknowledgement. This would be the most subservial of the three (ie, Dabu, Swo'bu, Glor'du).
Zug zug - An affirmation. ie, "Alright alright."
Aka'magosh - An expression of gratitude (ie, 'thank you,' 'thanks,' etc.)
Kagh - Run
Lok'Naroche - Look out. Good example to use this would be when attacked
Logre'gard Noe Kal - A question when awaiting orders (ie, "Where do you want me?")
Kagh! Bin mog g'thazag cha! - "Run! I will protect you!"
Fit'chure! - "Fire!" (Command)

More Orcish Phrases & Words (From other sources)

Dae'mon - "Twisted soul"
Dranosh - "Heart of Draenor"
Gar'mak - "Anguish"
Grombolar - "Bowels of the Giant"
Grommash - "Giant's Heart"
Lak'tuk - "Suffering"
Lo'Gosh - "Ghost wolf"
 - "Hero's Sojourn"
Lok'amon - Traditional orcish song sung about starting a family.
Lok'tra - Traditional orcish song sung about a battle.
Lok'vadnod - Traditional orcish song sung about the life of a hero.
Mag'har - "Uncorrupted" (The brown-skinned orcs based in Nagrand)
Mok'nathal - "The Sons of Nath" (honorable title) (The mok'nathal are half-orc and half-ogre. One such example is the Champion of the Horde, Rexxar)
Nagrand - "Land of Winds"
Oshu'Gun - "Mountain of Spirits"
Trk'hsk - "Bloodshed in battle" (Also "that sacrificed to the earth in order to make crops grow")

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  1. The way I have read it other places Mok'Nathal doesnt just apply to Ogre-Orc half breeds but to all half breeds, yes the Mok'Nathal clan seems to be made up of Ogre-orc half breeds but the term Mok'Nathal in orcish as I have read it else where can be applied to Orc-Human, orc-Draenai or any other orc- other race combo. If I am incorrect then sorry for the spam just thought I would share what I had read.